Mend My Broken Pieces

Each part of your life or piece to your beautiful story makes the journey meaningful.

Mend My Broken Pieces is a platform that encourages artistic created by Shantel Haskins.

Mend My Broken Pieces

Mend My Broken Pieces was created as a blog to encourage self-expression and promote such through an artistic lense of writing, continues to do so and engages in community outreach events.


Chance Housing

Mend My Broken Pieces 2nd Chance Housing non-profit 501(c)3 organization

Using a community model to assist applicable individuals in bridging the gap in housing. By providing  resources for the unhoused. To assist these individuals and families to meet their housing needs during their time of transition.

The non-profit to provide opportunities for the unhoused, transitional, and affordable housing for individuals that have a need to be met as resources are available for such.


Mend My Broken Pieces holds many community outreach events throughout the year. In the past we have provided bookbags for students to go back to school, drive-thru Easter basket event, self-care baskets for adult and children patients in local hospitals.

Choose to love and let that decision take you on a journey.

Shantel Haskins

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Love is the pure connection formed with someone whom at their arrival, of their destination, will take you on a journey. Love Journey is a collection of poetry that will take you to the various directions that love can bring you. It is for anyone who has loved, maybe in love, or who has yet to love. Love Journey isn’t a chronological order of how to possess love but rather how love itself can find you at various stages in life while you explore its depths.